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Earn 2000$ pr Month | Earn Money Online | Building Online Successful Business

Building Online Successful Business To Earn 2000$ pr Month

Welcome to my new series build an online business with me, today is our first post in this awesome new series.

We are going to cover two points the online business plan what we are going to do and the second point is selecting the niche of your business.

So please focus very well this article is so important because everything later will be based on this article.

So, if you are ready let's start



Hi everyone i'm Muhammad Danish from Pakistan and if it's your first time here on my blog. Please allow notifications so you can get updates of this series.

Here you'll find everything related to digital marketing, online business and tech but based on real case studies real experience and deep research.

You are reading now a special series on how to build an online business from scratch following up with me.

In a couple of months, you will have a successful online business making around two thousand dollars per month. I hope you will earn two thousand dollars, if you will follow me.

So, number one the plan to make things easy for you, we are going to build an online business to earn money online based on multiple income streams.

What we are going to do?

We are not going to focus only on affiliate marketing or only on google adsense or selling products.

we are going to build a strong connected business based on multiple income streams who are going to work with affiliate marketing google, Adsense selling digital products selling services, SAS services Apis and much more.

I will try my best to make this series number one on the planet. I do not think you want to miss this.

How we are going to start?

We are going to start with building the website, monetizing it, getting traffic, getting new customers, everything in detail step by step.

It is really a challenge also for me i need to prove for you that this is real and you can do it by following step by step.

So, this is number one step of our plan.

Second Point

The second point is selecting the niche now please focus very well this is super important,

what is a niche?

It is simply the topic that you are going to talk about in your business example in my current business how-to80.com if you are following me, you know it is all about tech and online earning business these are the topics of the niche of my current business.

So what we are going to do now is to pick a niche for our new online business of course every one of you will pick his own niche we are going to copy each other if we do this we will be all competitors.

In my case i will pick a niche that you will see right now but before that i want to help you pick a niche.

First and Important Step

The first step is to download this ebook "Find A Profitable Niche" this is a free ebook about selecting the right niche. It is simply an ebook listing a lot of topics and niches.

So you can get some ideas it's like collecting ideas and brainstorming topics go and download it, it's totally


Second Step

The second step is you have to understand the best formula of picking up an age it's simply something you love or you know about plus this something must solve a problem for a specific targeted audience plus this something must be monetizable.

Important Tips

If you can find a niche that fits in this formula it will be a great niche but please focus on these two very important tips:

Number one is to narrow down what do i mean in my case i talk about digital marketing and online business.

It's very broad so we have to narrow down as an example in digital marketing we have SEO(Search Engine Optimization) we have email marketing, SEM or search engine marketing and so on.

Pick A Specific Niche

We have different topics or child topics on the digital marketing then under email marketing we have different topics as an example we have sending bulk emails, cold mailing, email validation and so on.

What we are going to do is to narrow down and pick a specific specific niche to go with later on we can expand this but for now we want to start we are going to pick a specific niche to go with in our online business.

How To Pick A Specific Niche?

Let's say you are going to talk about dogs in dogs we have dog training we have dog feeding we have types of dogs maybe we have specific type we want to talk about and so on.

So put the broad topic and then go and brainstorm child topics go as much as narrow as you can to pick a specific niche in the topic you want did you get the idea please focus very well this is very important.

So later on we are going to create a website based on this specific niche and build a business based on this specific niche.

The second tip if you can achieve this formula plus specific topic plus high cpc you will get the best out of your business, what do i mean by high cpc if you go to eight separate tools.com to seo keyword research tool? 

Let's give an example if we say here dog training let's say in the US search, you will see that this keyword dog training has a CPC of 3.25 but if we go with as an example "health insurance" in the US.

You will see now that this keyword has CPC of 15 what this means is, if you are going to monetize later on with google adsense with ads your earnings will increase automatically because the ads published on your website will have a higher CPC.

Now forget about this it's not that important for now but if you can achieve it from now it will be perfect but it's not necessary.

Just focus on what you love, monetizable plus solves a problem plus narrow down. These are the four most important factors when you want to pick a niche.

Now in my case I will go with digital marketing i will narrow down to email marketing.

I will narrow down to email validation I will create a new business based on this topic email validation don't worry if you don't know about this topic.

It's okay, it's something related to validating emails and email marketing. We will learn about this later on but now it's your turn to select your niche so step number one go and brainstorm ideas you can go to H-Super tools the youtube keyword tool and write a topic.

As an example let's say crypto now this tool will give you a lot of ideas like 370 keywords ideas and topics related to this topic so you can narrow down and pick a specific niche.

Let's say dog training again we have a lot of keywords and ideas that you can pick from to select your niche.

So, it's your turn now to brainstorm and search for the topic and go with a specific topic.

I know this video was somehow conceptual you don't have any practical examples because it's a concept you have to learn this and it's very important because everything later on will be based on your niche.

So, take your time three four five days maybe one week or more just don't be in a rush select your niche, so, we can follow up later and start building our online business.

We are going to start building our website in our next part and selecting a niche is step one in building our successful online business to Earn two thousand dollars at least per month.

Stay connected to earn money online by building an online business.

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